Stratis Kamatsos

JoinThe Chain
March 3, 2020
Leonie Mirmikidis
March 3, 2020


A lawyer and solicitor by trade, qualified in both in New York and England and Wales, he has worked with small businesses wanting to establish themselves in foreign markets, as well as with shipping and logistics. Stratis always performed every task with the goal in mind to give back somehow socially or environmentally. He, thus, transitioned into becoming a social entrepreneur.

He began his journey by establishing his first social enterprise in 2013, with his family’s olive oil production, honoring both his family and traditions and creating something of value by giving back to his community and environment. His business and product have won many awards over the years highlighting the commitment and passion that goes into bringing a quality, ethical and sustainable product to the market and to consumers. He has also been involved in a couple of other social projects, including one in the fashion industry and the recent European immigration issue, and was a TedX speaker with his talk being about Empathy and Entrepreneurship

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